A Cover for the Souvenir Programme

by Willow Mitchell




When creating an artwork for this Moot Hall Organ project, the ideas that carried through from the exciting learning and participation sessions (which Duncan Chapman and I led) inspired my drawing process. There were three things that children said that particularly resonated with me:

  • The organ sounds are like
    a room full of rain.
  • The organ sounds are like
    being in a dark forest.
  • The organ sounds are made
    of dark and light.


The groups were all fascinated by the sound of the organ on its ‘dying breath’ as the inflatable wheezed out the final notes, and the hand-made nature of the pipes.

I have produced a small series of A2-scale drawings that embraces these ideas. Using graphite tones I created layers of transient marks that accumulate and disperse across translucent papers as if clouds of sound. The drawings reference both the wood grain and the mouths of the pipes, as well as notions of the forest and the rain.