Articles from the Colchester Moot Hall Organ Souvenir Programme issued for the organ’s re-commissioning in May 2015

A welcome from His Worshipful The Mayor of Colchester, Councillor John Elliott

by Mayor John Elliott

The Art and Industry of Pipework

by Julia Usher

Colchester’s New Town Hall

by Andrew Phillips

A Short History of Norman & Beard Ltd

by John Norman

A Brief History of the Moot Hall Organ

by Ian Ray

The Restoration of the Organ in the Moot Hall, Colchester

by Duncan Mathews

What makes the Colchester Moot Hall organ special?

by William McVicker

Colchester’s Borough Organists

by Nigel Chapman


by Judith Merritt

Familiar and Strange: Organs and Oysters

by Duncan Chapman

A Cover for the Souvenir Programme

by Willow Mitchell

PIPEWORKS: New Music for the Moot Hall Organ

by Alexander Blustin